Best Places To Pick Up Girls

Our site is called Any Girl Anywhere, so our concept is that you can pick up pretty girls anywhere. Any location where you can meet hot women is a pick up location. But some of the places are better than others. Because places are different your game changes. Some places are easier, some tougher. We can’t tell you what is the best place to pick up girls for you, we don’t know you. We don’t know what type of women you want most, and we don’t know where you will fit best. What we can do is to give you idea of many different locations and how difficult we thing they are to pick up women.

We rate every place with EASY, MEDIUM or HARD which stand for the difficulty level of the location. Again for different people these marks will vary. This is just our overall perception.

High School – EASY (for students), HARD (if you are not student)
Colleges and Universities – EASY
Grocery Shops and Supermarkets – MEDIUM
Malls – MEDIUM
Book Stores and Libraries – EASY
Night Clubs – MEDIUM
Streets – HARD
Parks – MEDIUM
Bus, Plane, Train – HARD
Restaurants – HARD
Coffee Shops – MEDIUM
Beach – MEDIUM
Public Pools – MEDIUM
House Parties – EASY
Fitness Gym – MEDIUM
Sports Events – HARD
Concerts – MEDIUM
Dance School – EASY
Yoga or Aerobics Lessons – MEDIUM
SPAs and Beauty Salons – MEDIUM
Vacation Resorts – EASY
Casinos – MEDIUM
Office – MEDIUM (assuming this is your working place)
Art Classes – EASY
Fashion Events -MEDIUM
Zoo – HARD
Online – HARD

You can think about even more locations.

As you see, we rate most places as medium difficult. That means your game (aka ability to pick up women) will determine in most cases if you will succeed or not. The EASY places are the location where opening and talking to women is actually expected, it’s much less intimidating and women will not reject you in most cases if you try to talk with them, however you still need to have some pick up skills. The HARD places are those where you either have not big choice or there are some big obstacles created by the nature of the place. Sometimes even if you are very good and you do everything ok, you still won’t get the girl there, it just happens.

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#1 Player87 on 03.08.11 at 7:28 pm

A good breakdown of the locations a pick up artist can approach women.

The truth of the matter is you are correct. Anyone can approach women anywhere. As soon as you step out of your house, there are many women for you to approach.

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