How To Fail With Women Like A Total Idiot!!! (Case Report)

It literally happened a few hours ago to me (your dear instructor). I failed big time with the easiest possible “set”, and for a moment I felt like a total AFC (just like 3 years ago). I realize that everyone fails from time to time and a huge part of growing personally is failing many times and learning from it. That’s why I’m not going to tell you a typical success story but a real case of how a good pua like me fails with women like an idiot.

I was at a coffee shop with a good friend of mine who is not in this pua stuff at all. But anyway the coffee shop was at the last floor of a commercial building and there were not many people sitting there. Actually there were only 3 occupied tables – our’s, some 45+ year old’s and the table of the waitress who was talking with another female friend. They were both HB8s in my opinion, cute girls at my age. But this is not a hired gun report. For some reason I did not have interest in them, they didn’t show some big indicators of interest, too. Anyway about 20 minutes after we sat there 2 more girls entered the coffee shop… and here the story begins.

One of them was HB7 and the other HB8.5, both were very cute and well sexy dressed, the weather is hot. They sat far from us and that’s why I didn’t even though about going to them. When we were about to leave they saw it and they paid their bill right away. This was like a small IOI because who knows maybe it’s a coincidence. We had to wait a little bit longer to get the change so the girls went to the elevator before us (we were on the last floor to remind you). And I notice that they didn’t push the elevator button until we got closer to them. This is a bigger IOI but again they are maybe just observant and polite and don’t want people to wait for the elevator… yeahhh right :).

In that moment I was like “OK, this is interesting” and when we got really close to them the IOIs just started to hit us like a heavy rain. Touching of hair, smiling, eyes of shyness and excitement, lips biting etc. And here is the first mistake I made. I did not followed the 3 second rule. Instead I asked my buddy some situational no sense and he answered almost the same way. I knew I was going to make my move in the elevator.

We all entered the elevator, I was right next to the hotter girl and I stuck, my brain just stopped. All the routines I know just did not appear in my mind. Deamn, I offer over 50 openers to my readers and I know probably 100+ that I could use but I didn’t even say “Hey”. I was just looking at them with a little smile, I was looking at girls who were begging me with eyes to open them. I just had to say something, but I did not. It was a really bad feeling because this is a 100% fail, total afc thing, I was attracted to the hot girl, she was attracted to me and I didn’t approach her.

Now here is what I’ve learned and confirmed from this case:
1. Elevators are actually very interesting place to meet and approach people. Quite and usually uncomfortable environment but if you get an IOI, it’s really good and should be easy.
2. When you get strong IOIs from women, always open them, even with a simple “Hi” or “Hey”.
3. Quite coffee shop without many clients are good place for gaming waitresses and bartenders. I saw how they are bored as hell and having an interesting person to talk with is going to be something they will appreciate.
4. Failing like an idiot is not the end of the world, there is always another opportunity.
5. Creating attraction before even approaching girls is really good thing, but it’s not all, you still have to approach them or you are going to feel even worse.

So here is my advice to all of you. Learn some 5-10 routines, openers, learn them like ABC. Because great and easy opportunities come often and if you waste them because you have nothing to say is really. Get our free compilation of pua openers or search the web for more, or invent some, but have something to say. It really sucks if you don’t approach.


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