How To Pick Up A Waitress At The Coffee Shop


This is a specific guide on how to pick up a sexy waitress at coffee shops. I think picking up waitresses in bars and clubs is somehow different so in this article we are just going to focus on coffee shops and the beautiful waitresses working there.

As you know waitresses belong to the group of “hired guns” – women hired because of their beauty. This game is considered to be more difficult because we have to pick up them while they are working.

Here are few things that you must know before trying to pick up a waitress:

– Waitresses generally get way more attention from guys than most of the other girls. They usually contact with many customers every single working day, many of these customers are all kind of guys. They get hit on a lot.

– Waitresses have better social sense than most ordinary girls. Again, because they work with many different people.

– Like most of the hired guns, they don’t have a lot of time to talk with you. They have other client after all.

– Waitresses are usually friendly and nice. They have to be. Don’t take every smile like an IOI.

– They are normal girls after all.

OK, Lets analyze the environment… Coffee shops are usually quiet or not so loud. It’s a place where people go to talk with friends or/and waste time. There are all kind of clients – different age, different jobs, different activities, men and women. But waitresses are the attraction of the coffee shops and guys hit on them a lot.

The good thing is that most guys are trying hard. They use all kind of cheese lines, or they go direct asking for a date or phone number. If they have expensive phone, watch or another toy, they are going to show it. This will not work generally.

Here are some  tips on how to pick up a waitress at coffee shop:

Be natural. If you present yourself, you’re going to have much better success. They don’t like guys who are trying to impress them.

Opinion routines work usually very well. Especially if you are sitting there only with guys. They will love to be engaged in something different than their job.

Don’t piss her off. Many clients go way to far. Put yourself in her spot, you”re going to hate it.

Be unique. Make sure you’re not a typical client. The typical client isn’t going to pick up her. It’s about dressing, presence, attitude, body language.

Have a good time. She can notice when she is not talking whit you.

Use attention tools. You can grab her attention this way. One of my trick is to use cards. We may play with a friend. The waitress will tell me not play poker there (that’s what we do), but I can tell her that we are practicing magic tricks and then I show her a simple trick. (yeah, it’s not very natural, but it works).

Avoid busy times. The less customers in the cafe, the better. You can get her attention for longer period.

Give normal tips. Don’t overpay but also don’t be skinflint.

The great thing about picking up waitresses is that they open you. The fear of approach is practically eliminated. Also they have to treat you well. They are not going to shut you down. But again, you have to look natural, you have to be interesting and you have to build attraction.

So here is a short scenario on what the pick up should be:

You go there with a friend or with a group of friends. You sit and the waitress comes. Say “Hi” and make your orders. Then you can hold her in a different topic or you call her later. You build interest, build attraction and make sure you always stay in good conversation. If you don’t go there very often, you ask her for number or you settle a date (opportunity to meet each other again somewhere else). You can’t do kino and you can’t build true comfort in her working place.

Good luck!

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#1 Player87 on 07.09.11 at 8:56 pm

Great article. Props!

I completely agree with you on that the waitress cannot ‘reject’ you, as it would go against her job description.

Guys we should take this opportunity to work out our approach anxieties.

#2 fun romantic date ideas on 18.01.12 at 9:46 pm

thanks. i always want to ask the waiter out from our local cafe shop. i will think of fun romantic date ideas.

#3 Samuel Christian on 25.01.12 at 8:26 am

It is very useful information for every one.

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