How To Manage Multiple Relationships With Women

If you are having this problem, to have a relationship with more than one woman at the same time, you are doing well with pick up. But I have to admit it, it’s tough.
It’s even tougher if you are lying all them and it seems impossible if you have strong feelings for all.

If you are in serious relationship with more than one woman, and they don’t know it, you either have to decide which woman you want most and dump the others, or just continue with all that mess. It’s good at first to have a lot of women at the same time but after certain period it turns out to be a mess. Continue reading →

Best Places To Take Her Out On A First Date

This is a very common question a lot of guys are asking. When you meet a woman for a first time, you like each other and you want to meet her again. Where should the so called first date take place?
So in this article I’ll try to give you ideas about cool places where you can go together on a first date, but have in mind that this article is to help people who want relationship. If you just want one time sex, some of the ideas here don’t fit very well.

Before we start with the list of places, you have to remember that the first date should not be something very very special like in the movies (it could be, but you better keep it the other way). It has to be casual, it can be like an excuse to see each other again, but it’s going to be a date, not just meeting. It’s probably the second time you see this person, or at least the first time you see her out of the typical enviroment you are used to.

So here is a list of best places to take her out on a first date:

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Dating Tips For Short Guys – How To Get A Taller Girl

short guy, taller women

Love is like a white light, which consists of seven colors. Love has many dimensions, different shapes and different types. Like various shapes of love there is a kind of love that exists between a shorter guy and a taller girl. Or you are a short guy and aspire to date a taller girl; this article is all about guys like you that dream to be in bed with a taller girl.

Chemistry between a short guy and a taller girl may sound odd to most of the people but take a look at guys like Pete Wentz, Nicolas Sirkozy, and Tom Cruise; they are all short guys dating taller girls. There can be an argument that these celebrities are a few amongst billions. They have personality, they have charisma, and they have ultimate power to attract every girl in planet. But I have something else to prove here. If you can train yourself just according to the following tips, it does not matter even if you are no Tom Cruise you will be able to date taller women. Continue reading →

Music – A Great Way To Get Chicks

For some reason women love artists and people who perform something. But above all women love musicians! Music is one of the best ways to get chicks, you can’t argue about it.
There is something magical in it and it almost guarantees success.

We all know rock stars, pop stars and all kind of music artists surrounded by beautiful women. If you can sing or play an instrument, you have very good chances to get a lot of girls. Continue reading →

Get A Date With Pretty Woman On Valentine’s Day

valentine's day girls

You know what, the Valentine’s day really sucks. It is bad if you are alone on it and it’s bad if you are in a relationship, because lets face it, it’s a bigger deal for women. However we can find a good opportunity in every bad thing. The Valentine’s day is coming

Here I’m going to give you few scenarios on what to do on the February 14th and before it according to your current relationship status. If you are single you are going to learn that getting a date with pretty woman on Valentine’s day is actually very easy.
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