Thank You, Losers!

First of all, lets be clear, by using the word “loser” for some of you reading this article, I MEAN it. I don’t care if it offends you or pisses you off.

If you are loser and you want to change, great. Learn and take action, this is one of the many website where you can find useful information for dealing with women. But you have to do something and don’t hide yourself and don’t try to find excuses not to do it because you are going to become even bigger loser this way.

If you are loser and you don’t want to change, you don’t want to learn from people better than you, it’s actually FANTASTIC. Not for you of course but for those of us who are currently sitting on the opposite site of the “loser land”. Thank you very much guys, I will explain you why you should keep being a loser.

You see, me and my friends want to help people (guys particularly) and make some money out of it (as we do). It’s the same case with the famous pick up artists and dating experts. We really help a lot of men to have better life, and I personally love to see good guys being with the girls they deserve. BUT I also realize that there are always 2 sides of every coin. Not anyone can be on the better side. It is impossible. We need the losers to exist in anything. And we want them to be more than the winners and pros. Why? Because we’ll be rewarded for their stupidity.

All of you who think girls are attracted to money only and that’s why you are sitting and complaining for not getting the girls you really want, THANK YOU!

All of you who buy girls drinks and other stuff in order to get their attention, THANK YOU!

All of you who allow women to control you just to be around them, THANK YOU!

All of you who are approaching women with your stupid boring pick up lines like “hi, what’s your name”, THANK YOU!

All of you who start a conversation with hot woman with 100+ compliments that “she has never heard of before”, THANK YOU!

All of you who are begging women for attention, THANK YOU!

And last but not least, all of you who are staying at home doing nothing or you are sitting aside and still do nothing, THANK YOU the most! The other guys from the list may have some small chance to pick up a girl, at least they try. But you guys are the biggest losers, period. You have no chance, if you take no action. I used to be like you, many other guys in the community have been in the same situation too but we have changed. Those of you who don’t want to change, I feel for you guys.

Because ALL OF YOU guys, my life is so easier. Not because I’m great seducer, I’m not, MY COMPETITION IS WEAK. 90% of the guys totally suck. Women are not less than men, they want us just as we want them. Women are fighting for quality men, cuz we are rare.

So really I don’t care on which side you are (the losers or the winners), you are making me happy either way.
If, you are totally new to this and you want to change yourself for good, I can offer you our free guide on how to become attractive. It’s also good material for people in the community who sometimes forget the basics while they master some of the details. If you already have it, I hope you follow it. If you don’t want to change yourself and keep being a loser, so be it, you are doing us favor.


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