The 7 Biggest Myths About Picking Up And Dating Beautiful Women

7 dating myths

In this post we are going to talk about the biggest misconceptions that most man have in their minds when it comes to picking up and dating very beautiful women. We call them “The Sacred Cows Of Pick Up”. These are the things that most people consciously or unconsciously believe about attracting, seducing and dating hot girls. They all lead to a wrong mindset. Basically people who buy in these myths always find excuses for not doing something and not growing personally. You may already know them but we have to expose those myths constantly because in the real life we are all surrounded by people who share these believes and sometimes we forget they are not helping us. So lets shoot these Sacred Cows.

Here are the 7 Biggest Myths About Picking Up And Dating Beautiful Women:

1. You have to be rich and buy them stuff
This is probably the biggest one. You don’t have to be rich and you definitely should not buy them anything (especially before you start relationship). Some guys are trying to buy girls’ attention, it’s not good. Being rich helps but it’s not a necessity. You better read our post about Women and Money to get better view on this.
People also share similar thoughts about looks but we have not included physical looks as a myth because people usually say: “If you have money, looks don’t matter”. You see the mess.

2. Women mean what they say
Women are strange creatures, most of the time what they say is irrelevant to what they actually do. You better learn to read their bodies instead of blindly believing what they say.

3. The “I hope she likes me” syndrome

This is a big inner game issue. Yes, she has to like you, you must attract her, but all this “I hope” thing instantly makes you a loser. Real alpha males don’t care, women either like them or not. And btw you must know if she is attracted to you or not. Here is how to spot women who are attracted to you.

4. You have to compliment them a lot and treat them like princesses
NO. When you meet a very hot girl and you start complimenting her and treating her like she is the queen (you do everything she is asking for), you become a boring guy, a low value guy, a guy who she can use. That’s not attractive and has no positive impact at all because she is hearing compliments all the time. That’s why negs are so effective. Raise your value, lower her value and she is going to be attracted to you.

5. You have to sacrifice your time for them
It’s not only about your time, but your interest and your hobbies. Some guys become available 24/7 for their girls which is not good. Women do not like that, they want you to have a life.

6. If they are very beautiful, they are out of your league
If you believe this, it’s true. Raise your standards guys. Again, mindset is the key.

7. The myth about sex
This can be explained in a minute or in a week. So the short version… Women are sexual being just like men. Women have the same need for sex. They want to be fucked. When you pick up women, you are not the only one looking for sex, women want it too. But they must be sure that you are the right guy.

So that’s it. Learn your lessons and check out our guide on how to become attractive to women and get in our mailing list.
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#1 Player87 on 14.08.11 at 12:46 pm

Superb article.

A great read for up and coming PUAs. In addition, another myth is that women want to be approached by confident guys.Girls don’t spend hours before they go out to ‘dress up’ with their girls. They want to be approached. Guys give them what they want.

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